Home Solar Panel Sales and Installation

Why Install Solar Panels from Zoetic Solar?


With Zoetic Solar, you don’t just get high quality products, and installation, you get over 10 years of experience installing and working in the solar industry. This experience means that we know the importance of a good installation, our free quotes have the risk mitigation and effective mindset that only experience can bring, and our products carry the quality that real knowledge can.


A product and service is nothing without passion. Passion is what gives us the work ethic for continuous high quality results and services. We know that not only are we helping our community, but the world in a time when stepping up and taking personal responsibility for the troubles of the world is becoming a real must. We take real pride in the fact that we are helping make the world a better place.


The quality of our products is top notch. We use true and tried technology that provides the best that consumer solar technology offers. This way your solar power system is efficient to maximize bang for your buck, simple to minimize maintenance, and long lasting in order to really bring out the most benefit and the best return for your investment.

Your Own Solar Power System

Not only are you receiving the best solar panel installations from passionate and experienced people, but we are actually selling it to you. Most companies will only lease a solar installation in order to maintain power over you as the consumer. We believe that for real energy independence a homeowner needs to own their home’s energy as well. We will make sure that you are properly licensed and permitted with your energy provider and the state, so that you won’t get hassle down the line from others. We provide real solutions for your energy needs. From Quote to full solar panel installation, we are here to make sure that your home is green, your energy is paying for itself, and the process is easy and comfortable. Browse our site to learn more, or contact us in order to set up a free solar installation quote!