Colorado solar incentives

Colorado is one of the states more and more focused on solar power. It has favorable solar laws and provides a great, supportive environment for solar energy. There are many solar projects in Colorado and there will be even more in the future.

According to statistics provided by the Solar Energy Industries Association, there are almost 200,000 homes in this state, powered by solar energy, almost 500 solar companies and almost 50 manufacturers, which means that Colorado is also doing good when it comes to solar jobs, ranking 10th in the country. There are also significant investments in solar energy, which helps this technology to become better and more affordable.

Besides these data, experts – see – believe that the state can do even better, due to its established solar capacity. Colorado has almost 300 sunny days per year, which is great to power solar panel systems. The laws are favorable and there are financial incentives for people and companies who utilize solar energy systems; you can get rebates, loans, grants and more, for your solar power system installation.

If you live in Colorado and install solar panels on your property, you get 100% tax exemptions, including sales tax exemption. Also, if your system produces extra energy, it is fed back into the grid and you will receive money for your contribution.