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  1. Technicians are Very Helpful


    I was satisfied with the process. They installed earlier than expected. The technicans were very helpful and knowledgeable about everything just waiting for the year to close out and hopefully we get our tax form so that we can keep our payment the same like they said they would. Also you guys still haven’t sent us a sign to put up in our yard.

    Erik Rodriguez
  2. Simple Process

    We had a great experience with these guys. Very simple process. They handled all the county filings and even filed out all the paperwork for our HOA. Install went smoothly. Even Xcel moved faster than I thought they would so we had the system up and running in less time then I had originally guessed. Now with the days getting longer we are generating even more electricity. I love it.

    Heather Benson Kramarczyk
  3. Highly Recommended

    I chose Zoetic NRG to install my solar panels a few months back. The process was great and my new panels generate 100% of my electricity consumption. No more, no less, which means I only paid for what I needed. What I liked best was their approach to calculating my solar panel needs based on my last 12 months consumption. I had bids from other vendors and their approach meant panels for my house total square footage, that would have cost me significantly more. I highly recommend you give them a chance to meet your needs.

    Mike Whalen
  4. Very Knowledgeable

    Very knowledgeable and friendly. Communicate well throughout process.

    Joey Cavaretta
  5. Very Impressed

    Zoetic did there Job right. I’m very impressed with the installation. I’m saving money. That’s the most important thing. Highly recommend going with Zoetic

    zeco loco
  6. Simple Installation

    The whole process of getting solar panels installed was so simple. From the initial visit to evaluate my house, understanding the financing options and then having the panels installed, I was kept well informed. The panels themselves look great, the team did a great job.

    Lawrin Bartsch
  7. Great Experience

    We had a great experience with these guys. Very simple process. They handled all the county filings and the filings with our HOA. Install went smoothly. Heck even Xcel moved faster than I thought they would so we had the system up and running in less time then I had originally guessed.

    Heather Kramarczyk
  8. Easy To Work With

    We are extremely excited to have partnered with Zoetic NRG for our solar installation. The thing that tipped the scales in Zoetic’s favor was the ability to put all the panels on the south facing roof. Other companies suggested panels on our north roof which we felt was inefficient. We also liked the fact that they partnered with a Colorado company with a long track record for installation.

    Zoetic was very easy to work with throughout the entire process. We signed the contract for our solar installation late September 2017 and were “live” producing solar energy mid January 2018. I would have felt more comfortable with a better explanation of time frame to expect, but overall we are VERY happy.

    Nancy T
  9. On Time

    Super excited about going green! Getting better rated insulation and next comes solar panels! They have been on time to every appointment and are great about keeping us up to speed with the process and answering questions.

    Brooke Conner
  10. Great Service

    Super excited about going solar with Zoetic! They are very well rated by others and we have had great service from them so far. We have already received our higher rated roof insulation for free and waiting for the solar panels. They have kept us informed on all steps (like submitting our application for permit to the city) and have been punctual on all appointments.

    Sumitro Palit
  11. Thank you Zoetic Solar

    My wife didn’t even want to meet because we had met with 5 other solar companies with both the lease option, which made no sense to us at all, and also a purchase option. When Zoetic Solar showed us their program we could hardly believe that we could own our solar panels by putting no money down and still have savings from our first month. Thank your Zoetic Solar

    Vishen Maharaj, Solar User
  12. I was pleasantly surprised

    After a good amount of research I was pleasantly surprised to find a company offering the highest quality installation and products and a program that made more sense than any previous offers I had seen.

    Josh Rivera, Solar User
  13. We could not be happier

    I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first when Zoetic Solar knocked on my door, but we could not be happier with our decision to go Solar. The fact that we can do our part to help the environment AND save money just feels right.

    Jenny Powers, Solar User
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