At the current rhythm of population growth and technological development, it is clear that the need for energy alternatives is increasing, as the natural resources cannot cope anymore. Solar panels are of the technologies of the future. The energy thus obtained presents a whole series of advantages over the energy obtained from traditional sources:

  • it is totally ecological, does not emit noxious matter, does not produce residues
  • is virtually inexhaustible
  • does not involve facilities for processing or transporting resources before use. The principle of operation is based on the conversion of solar radiation into electricity.

Whether you choose a photovoltaic panel, a thermal or even a mix between the two, installation is a process that must be left in the hands of specialists, as they know what they have to do to make these solar panels work with your home. Many knowledgeable specialists will include Colorado solar incentives in their pricing structure. Colorado solar incentives

They will first determine the energy consumption of the house, thermal and/ or electric, and inspect your roof to determine if it is compatible with the panel system you want to install. Then, they will identify the best location for installing the solar panel and will calculate the angle in which light is best reflected; this is necessary for solar panels to operate at maximum capacity.

Finally, they will make the necessary connections and you will be able to start enjoying the results of your new investment.