Zoetic Solar

Solar panels are very useful for saving money and generating clean energy for your home. They help you have a green home and reduce your carbon footprint. But when it comes to design and looks, you feel like reconsidering your options. Solar panels do not look like a traditional roof and you fear that this may lower the value of your home.

Here Are Innovative Ways to Integrate Zoetic Solar Panels in Your Home Design

1. Embrace the See-Through Concept

Turn the architecture of your home into an innovative and hi-tech look with see-through solar panels. Do you remember the cool phones with transparent cases letting you see all the wires and components inside? The same design concept applies for solar panels.

This extreme concept is less dramatic if your house has a flat roof – the panels are not visible from close quarters.

2. Disguise the Solar Panels

This is the opposite of the see-through design. In this instance, the solar panels are hidden from view through architectural features. Thus, an architect can design a frame for the panels. What you and anyone visiting you will see is reflective glass, similar to the sleek surfaces of steel and glass skyscrapers.

3. Use Solar Panels as Shading

Many solar panel companies recommend this method of installation for roofs with a difficult architecture. Thus, the solar panels are not installed on the roof itself, but on a supplementary, porch-like structure, built in extension to the roof. This structure will help you generate solar energy and enjoy a shaded terrace at the same time.