Depending on the size and scope of the project, a complex solar installation in Denver can last for quite a while. Larger, more complex systems will naturally take longer to install, while a small solar array to power just a few small appliances and electronics in your mobile home will likely not take that long.

solar installation in Denver

You have to understand that there’s a whole lot more to installing solar panels than just the panels themselves. Aside from the fact that the panels have to be properly oriented and installed in such a way that they won’t be taken down by wind or storms, it’s also important to remember that there is a complex electronic component that has to be added as well.

A battery-based system is typically used to store the power that your solar array generated and give it back to your appliances and electronics during the night, when your solar panels are inactive.

Fortunately, if you call an expert for the job, having the entire system installed properly will not take too long. In most cases, even larger solar array installations will be completed in as little as two days. So, as long as the weather is good, you’ll find you can start getting energy from your solar panel installation without worrying about delays.