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How Our Residential Solar Panel Installations Work

Making the switch to solar energy is faster and simpler than you might think. On average, our residential solar panel design and installation process only takes between one and two months to complete with these seven easy steps!

Step 1: Get a Free Solar Quote

Simply fill out one of our online forms to get yourself the free initial quote for your residential solar panels. Once we have your information, one of our solar energy experts will reach out to you with a few questions about your property, energy consumption, and geographical location. This will help us determine roughly how much sunlight you get by using our advanced mapping software, determining your energy usage, calculating potential savings, and more. Depending on who your current energy provider is, you may also be eligible to get credit for the energy saved via solar panels for your home. For a very rough estimate, check out solarestimate.org, or contact us for a free custom solar quote!

Step 2: Preliminary Solar System Design

During this phase, our solar panel engineers at Zoetic Solar will begin to design custom solar panels for your home based on your location and unique solar energy needs. We will take into consideration seasonal variations in terms of sunlight and shade, the angle of your roof, what type of solar cells are best and how many of them are required, and the capabilities of your roof and electrical system in order to create the most efficient solar system for your home. When it comes to custom solar panel designs, there is no solar company that puts as much individualized effort into the process than we do!

Step 3: Warranties and Finance Programs

Now that we are getting serious, our experts are going to sit down with you to take a look at our solar panel warranties, finance programs, and more. By taking the time to do this, we try to make sure that your solar panel installation stays affordable and in your budget. After all, the goal of switching to solar energy is to save money and the environment, not break your bank in the process. While residential solar panels do cost a little more upfront, Zoetic Solar is able to offer zero-money-down financing to make sure that you don’t take a big financial hit to get the solar power system you need to live an eco-friendly life. Compared to other solar companies in the area, we offer very competitive rates and service packages in order to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Step 4: Check the Property

Now that financing has been agreed upon, our solar panel engineers will want to confirm the solar energy potential of your property. Though adjustments are rare, we want to make sure that your property will get the very best and most effective home solar system. During this process, our solar panel installation experts will look at electrical access and other factors that aren’t easily determined from the remote quote. From this updated information, we will either tweak or confirm your residential solar panel designs, and upon your approval, we will go ahead and move forward with the installation.

Step 5: License and Permit your Solar Panels

During this step, we will be contacting your current energy provider or local utility company to license and permit your residential solar panels. We do this to gain access to the main power grid as a small-town, local producer of green energy. In Colorado and Nevada, this is a standard process and most often doesn’t take longer than a few weeks to go through from start to finish. On the bright side, we end this tedious process by actually selling you the solar panels for your home. Unlike other solar companies that lease you the solar panels, Zoetic Solar grants you the opportunity to own them.

Step 6: Residential Solar Panel Installation

Here is the big day! Our solar panel installation experts will arrive to professionally put them in. These registered and trained technicians and electricians will access your property and electrical equipment on the day that best fits in with your schedule, bringing with them all of the necessary supplies and equipment. Most residential solar panel installations average just two days, and we aim to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. During the installation process, we know that your home is your castle, which is why our technicians use strict safety guidelines to make sure everything goes without a hitch. We treat every property like our own — with the respect and courtesy anyone would expect from a respected solar company.

Step 7: Turn Your Solar Power System On

After all the technicalities are sorted out, we are finally done and ready to turn on your residential solar system. After we update you on how to use the finished product, our solar experts will flip the switch and you will begin to reap the benefits. The solar power system will begin to pay itself, and clean, guilt-free green energy will begin power your home. If you have an electric car at home, you can now officially call it solar-powered. Our solar panel specialists will be available for maintenance, repairs, and other ongoing solar services well after the installation. That’s part of what makes us the leading solar company in Las Vegas, Denver, and the Front Range — our service to you doesn’t stop when we flip the switch. If you are interested in learning more about our process or the residential solar panels we design, give us a call today! We would be honored to help you make the switch to solar for your home.

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