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Solar Panels For Homes In Denver Colorado

Our customers save up to 100% on their electricity costs by joining the residential solar panel movement.

If you are like us, you love the earth. There are so many beautiful places, seasons, and amazing things here to enjoy. As much as we love helping people save money and attain the freedom to choose their power source, we are also passionate about making this world a beautiful and healthy place to live now and for those who will come after us.

It’s all part of our mission at Zoetic Solar to lead the shift away from fossil fuel burning and toward renewable energy sources like solar energy. For us, this takes the form of designing, engineering, and installing custom solar panels for homes throughout Denver and the rest of the Colorado Front Range. We’ve got it all broken down into a step-by-step process that ensures the satisfaction and success of our homeowner clients. Learn more about it here on our site, and give us a call today to have a custom solar system created for your home!

Who We Are

Zoetic Solar is the leading solar panel engineering company in Denver, and our solar energy experts provide real solutions for your increasing energy needs by creating a custom solar system..

Why Go Solar

If blackouts occur or energy prices continue to rise, green residents are prepared to keep the juice flowing with custom solar panels and a high-quality solar power system for their home.

How It Works

With over 10 years of experience in the solar power industry, our experts at Zoetic Solar know the importance of a solid plan of action when it comes to designing and installing residential solar panels.

About Zoetic Solar

The Leading Solar Company In Denver Colorado And The Front Range

Our solar power experts have been excited about alternative energy for a long time, but were frustrated working for companies in the industry who did not share our vision. So, we teamed up with the best minds, providers, and products in the solar power industry to provide as much value to our customers and employees as possible. Whether we are providing residential solar panels or career opportunity with our solar company, you can rest assured that you are working with people who are genuinely striving to make the world a better place — one solar panel at a time.

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Zoetic Solar’s Locations

Headquarters Located In Denver Colorado

As one of the nation’s leading solar companies, Zoetic Solar is proud to offer residential solar panels for homeowners throughout Denver, the Front Range, Las Vegas, and surrounding areas. Stop by one of our locations today to get an estimate on a solar system for your home, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have about our process. We look forward to designing, engineering, and installing custom solar panels for your home!

Still not convinced?

Browse the rest of our site to learn more about the residential solar panels we offer, our design and solar panel installation process, and what makes us the leading solar company in Denver. And, if you’re ready to get started on your home solar system, contact us today for a free custom quote!



Once we have qualified your residential solar panel referral, we will meet with you to discuss your needs and vision


When your referral makes a residential solar panel purchase, Zoetic Solar will grant you $300 in rewards


Zoetic Solar customers qualify to receive a bonus for every 5 residential solar systems sold via referrals