Both Colorado and Nevada get lots of sunshine—over 300 days every year. Though this can be a drawback for some, it’s a true boon for those that are seeking energy freedom and to transform their home into an affordable money saving source of green energy. Zoetic Solar serves Denver and Las Vegas with custom solar power systems and solar panel installations that convert sunlight directly into electricity that can power your home or be stored in a battery bank. But out of all the competition, why choose Zoetic Solar?

Financial Gains

Solar can effectively reduce your energy costs, leaving you more money to spend or save. Our systems are custom designed to suit your needs and maximize the solar energy output of your home throughout the seasons. Over time the system pays itself off and allows you more freedom in the case of energy issues. The price of your solar energy never fluctuates, as it is a system that only has a one-time installation cost, and immediately starts to pay for itself.

Positive Ecological Impact

We want to save the world, and we know that we have to all do it together. Not only do our high-efficiency solar panels help you save money, but when you don’t use their output, it helps reduce the draw from power plants, meaning less need for coal power and other dirty energy sources. Changing the world doesn’t just include voting and work, but also what you buy with your money. Just the simple act of purchasing solar panels or a solar power system increases the demand for them, and can serve as an incentive to other companies or policy makers to invest and create more solar and green energy.

True Energy Independence

If blackouts occur or energy prices rise, you are prepared to keep the juice flowing with custom solar panels and a high-quality solar power system. Not only that but unlike most companies, we actually sell you the solar panels. No lease—you own it. That way we can’t take back what you bought, and DIY projects are a go for those who want more from their power systems.

Only the Best

We use only the best solar panels and solar power systems. Knowing solar power means knowing the difference that quality brings. We offer repairs and replacements for all of our products, with years of experience in performing quotes that can give you some solid and accurate figures for what an installation means to you. Our goal is to affordably save you money through the best money to kilowatt-hours possible. And here in Colorado, that pays off!

From the Best

We have ten years of experience staying on top of the custom solar panel installation market. This means that our services have been honed to fit your needs and your schedule. All of our technicians are safety trained and passionate about getting you the maximum results for your money. Every system we install is custom built to maximize your home’s solar energy output and last for years to come for the best return on your investment possible.

Still not convinced?

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